Domain Camp Journal June 28, 2019

Hello, Domain Camp!

I will be attending the IndieWeb summit this weekend, remotely.  It’ my first summit but people have been very kind.  Since we have been discussing in Domain Camp how to organize one’s website(s), domains, subdomains, directories and such and this is something I’ve been struggling with, I hope to learn more about how other people organize theirs.

How’s that for a run-on sentence!

I am so glad these posts can be edited.





I've been tutoring ESOL and Basic Literacy since 2011, working out of our local small town libraries. Somewhere in there I decided to learn to be a better teacher only to find out that a Masters degree is only the beginning of learning. For 10 years I was a bike commuter and still love my bike and being outside, as long as someone yanks me off my current distraction (often computer related).

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