Week 3 – First ideas about lesson plan

This is going to be the quickest of posts because it is almost the end of week 4! 

I haven’t really refined the kind of lesson plan that I would like to do…

There is one lesson we had at SIT that I liked very much and would like to incorporate into tutor training.  It was one of our earliest classes, taught face to face by Marti Anderson as part of our Approaches course.  I don’t know if it would be appropriate for this assignment, first of all because I haven’t talked to Marti and it feels rather like stealing to do anything without talking to her.  Secondly, there are some formats and new ideas that I would like to experiment with.  

Marti’s class was this: 

Think of when someone taught you to do something. Remember and write down in as much detail what happened. 

Discuss with class. 

Think of something that you know how to do and can teach in class in about 10 minutes.  

Teach in small groups/pairs (I can’t remember). 

Regather as a group and discuss.  By the way, there were 9 of us in the class. 

To go onto formats I would like to explore: 

I’ve read/viewed the Loop technique materials.  Sounds quite interesting and will save the rest of my thoughts on that for the next post. 

I like the ECRIF framework for learning (Mary Scholl was the leader of the school I did my internship at in Costa Rica).

 ECRIF Website

Also, at a convention in Costa Rica, two young faculty members of a school in Guatemala did a workshop on combining Bloom’s Taxonomy with the ECRIF model.  I’ve always wanted to try it. 

Thanks for reading! 



I've been tutoring ESOL and Basic Literacy since 2011, working out of our local small town libraries. Somewhere in there I decided to learn to be a better teacher only to find out that a Masters degree is only the beginning of learning. For 10 years I was a bike commuter and still love my bike and being outside, as long as someone yanks me off my current distraction (often computer related).

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